Friday, July 22, 2011

yummy good time

Last night I went out with my good friend for a much needed catch up session.  She let me pick the place to eat since I am the one with all the "issues" when it comes to food these days.  Such a nice friend.  I selected Hula's Bar and Grill in Down Town Santa Cruz. I settled on Hula's because they had a lot of fresh fish options.  I opted for the Macadamia Nut Encrusted Ahi with a Mango Papaya sauce with Black Beans and Plantains as my sides.  It was a delightful dinner out, and full of flavor!

After dinner we headed to Starbucks where I was very good and only had Peppermint Tea.  (no Caffeine)  The night was full of both flavor and friendship, two of my favorite things.  I ended my night at home where I sampled some of the Frozen Yogurt I had made earlier before heading out.  It was not quite frozen yet, but it was tasty.  I think it will be better today. 

I had never attempted to make Frozen Yogurt at home, so I Googled  it like I do just about everything...found what I considered to be the simplest approach  on e how.  I read what they did, decided I was sick of strawberries for the day and so this is what I did...

I took:
2 cups of Plain Organic Yogurt and tossed it into the new pretty blender along with 1 cup of tap water.
I ransacked the cupboards and grabbed the Vanilla Flavoring, Imitation Rum Flavoring, a bit of Brown Sugar, and the Coconut flakes.  I tossed a little bit of each of those into the blender after toasting the Coconut Flakes first in the convention oven.  I just kept adding till it tasted nice and Summery and Refreshing.  Of course I blended along the way on the Milkshake setting.  After it tasted right I added a few ice cubes, cause the person on e-how had suggested it.  Then I poured it all in a plastic container and placed it in the freezer.  Now the e-how guy ( I assumed it was a guy for some reason) said you could enjoy it right out of the blender, but mine was the consistency of milk, so he obviously got a different end product than I did with his frozen strawberries.  However I was enjoying the flavor by 10:30pm that night  and I am thinking it will be even more amazing today.

So go have fun invent your own way of doing it, I only chose e-how's because the picture at the top looked good (though I knew that was machine made) and because it did not require me to come back and stir ever 30 min.  I am lazy like that.

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