Thursday, July 21, 2011

shopping day

After feeling sorry for myself yesterday, but having determined to make the best out of what I have to work with I set out on a shopping expedition.  As mentioned I had already bought fruits and veggies, so that left all the new stuff; spelt, quinoa,(Turns out the spelt and quinoa are from Bolivia, which is funny since so is my man.), gluten free flour, polenta and brown rice (the last two not totally new).   Then there was the meat, I found some Italian sausage made from chicken and some turkey links as well as turkey franks and some ground turkey. I also got Almond Milk and Rice Milk, plain organic yogurt, some beans, and I even found some gluten free brown rice lime flavored chips which I am munching on as I type. Not bad. (crap, just read they contain milk...)

So seeing as I now have some stuff to work with I will have to be spending some time searching for new and tasty recipes that fit the bill.  Should you have a favorite feel free to post away.  I want to be brave and try some fish dishes as well, so if you have a must try don't hold back. 

Also I should say that since this is a record of sorts I went on a 3 mileish walk this morning with a good friend, who was helping me think up things to do with these random foods.  Thank God for good friends, even when there is a lack of good food ;)


  1. The Hawkins family has been living gluten and milk free for years since Brinn has celiac disease and Laurie can't have gluten either. I know Laurie has some yummy recipes because I've tasted them! Last night my meal looked just like the chicken and fruit meal you posted. Except that mine was chicken and veggies; onions, garlic, zucchini,and red peppers. mmmmmm

  2. Wow Trinity - good for you. This looks like hard work - getting your mind thinking in a whole new about food and what you can eat. I applaud you for trying it out, sorry you are dealing with fibromyalgia and hope it works and you will feel much better soon!

  3. Thanks gals. It is a challenge for sure, but I know lots of people do it. So, google here I come :)