Wednesday, July 20, 2011

makin' somethin' from nothin'

Before I get a million comments about people surviving happily on less than what I have, let me just say..."I KNOW"  I get that.  I have gone to third world countries and I am friends with people who do much with little, and I admire them for it.  This is just a new thing for me, so understand where I am coming from and know that I know I am blessed.

That said.  Tonight after coming home from the Chiropractor list in hand I was overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at once.  Which sad to say left me in tears.  I was overwhelmed with the number of things I have lost or given up in the last 2 months and underwhelmed with my options for dinner, and every other meal coming in the next 6 weeks.

You see I recently resigned my job, left my boyfriend in Italy (not that we are not together we are just not together), gave up my apartment there and most of my stuff, and am living at my parents home on the couch waiting for my sister to get married, so that I can go back to Italy, be with my boyfriend and all my other friends there, pick up life, and find a new place to live.  On top of all that today I was left in pain and with the lame, list of foods I was limited to.  And thus I was a puddle of despair.

Grilled Chicken and Fruit Salad
But one cannot live like that, so I picked myself up and decided that I would try to make somethin' out of the nothin'.  So tonight's dinner was a mixed green salad topped with fresh nectarines, strawberries, raspberries, and grilled chicken, sprinkled with sunflower seeds and then finished off with a dressing made of pineapple, papaya juice, olive oil and salt.

I have to say it was not bad.  And thus gave me a small bit of hope for the remainder of my 6 weeks of elimination.


  1. That grilled chicken and fruit salad looks sooooo good!

  2. It really was, but then I realized I am not supposed to have any raw veggies, so I need to check on salads tomorrow.